Technique : playing on the ground with Jean Baptiste Chandelier
Technique : ‘Touch’ for everyone
Technique : weight shift towards or away from the slope ?
Preparation : clipping in facing the wing
Flying techniques: steering using the rear risers
Take off techniques: cobra inflation
Mad Mike Küng: the pioneer of rear riser steering
News: Niviuk Roller
News: Ozone Fazer 3
Travel: The Danish Dune
Flying techniques: near the ground on a paramotor
Portfolio: Axel Jamgotchian
Playing perfectly: don’t try this at home
Test paraglider: Independence Geronimo 2
Test paraglider: Ground handling wings, Icaro Furia/Kiwi
Test paraglider motor: Apco Lift EZ
Test paramotor: Bidalot Eole 135

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