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The new developments in 2022, notably those on display or launched since the Stubai Cup in the spring, have been numerous. But a large number of wings which have already been certified have still not been able to be delivered due to the saturation in production.

 An interesting trend this summer, for which Swing have created the term ‘Social flying,’ has also appeared: Flying for pleasure, without any performance ambitions, with friends, often on foot and safely.

This is why paragliding is still booming at a time dominated by COVID and the war. In France alone, the number of licences passed has very noticeably increased. 1000 more licences were granted at the end of July 2022 compared to the previous year. Numerous new ‘tolerant’ models have targeted this market segment for safe wings for ‘Social Flying.’ While two years ago, the word we heard the most on each stand was ‘performance,’ this year it is ‘safety’ - a very welcome evolution…

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