Trends 2020  part 2

Update: magazine remains free... and even better  
As we already wrote last month, despite the consequences of the Corona virus Lockdown on the paragliding and PPG-economy, everything we have published in the past and in the future will, of course, remain available for free; that’s the principle of our magazine. There will perhaps be small changes concerning the number of pages... We will, on the other hand, highlight the upsides of these major changes. Lots of pilots have rediscovered slightly onerous tasks such as DIY and improving their own equipment which costs very little to do, along with training and mental and physical preparation, which costs nothing. You will therefore, from now on, find even more content of this type in your magazine

And we have worked on a new feature many readers asked for:

A clickable index/summary on the website.

You can even find every photo and diagram in the ---> detailed index

And here we go for the simple, but clickable summary:


We wish you a good reading and always happy landings

Read the magazine as always for free: