Autumn 2019

Portfolio Coupe Icare 2019
Parabible: Paratroc replaces Para2000
Video: Nicolas Aubert Skimming
Test Nova Ion 5 and the Ion 5 light
Test Phi Maestro
Aerial Internet And Weather Stations For Pilots
Instruments from the Black Forest
Review: Skytraxx 2.1, small and powerful, FANET&FLARM included…
Test Dudek Colt 2
Test PPG Wing ITV Piper
Test PPG Wing Nova Speedmax 2
Portfolio Markus Gründhammer
Managing fear (2/2)
Lessons from the crash of flight AF 447: speak up!
Coupe Icare: Film Festival
Trailer: Lost in Karakorum
Trailer: Still Flying
Trailer: Icare
Trailer: Playing with the invisible
Trailer: Wayra
Trailer: Rencontre avec Zouhair
Trailer: Butterfly
Trailer: Flying in Iceland
Trailer: Own the Skies

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