To fly a paraglider safely, you don’t need to have an instrument. This is rare in the world of aviation! Nonetheless, modern varios are becoming more and more efficient in helping us to increase distances and the time we spend in the air. In this issue, amongst other things, we’ll take a close look at some instrument innovations…

quick test of the artik 5
news supair eona 2
independence pioneer 3
skyman rock 2
news highadventure beamer 3 reserve
news paratroc compress bag
news vario ungravity
news dolomiti superfly 2018
news neo container lite
news advance: daypack 3
news krushevo ozone open 2018
airtour 2018 competition or adventure?
news exomo
antartica seven virgin summits
flying with and without collaborative hitech instruments
collaborative flying: flarm&fanet 
gpsbip and captive sensors
vario screens: readability
segment screens flymaster vario ls mipfly
news ascent h2
icarus x and icarus trophy
syride sys'evolution
test smartphone outdoor action-x3
caterpillar smartphone
traps in the water
test apco nrg xc II
portrait marie mateos

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