What’s the point?
The flight recorder
GSM live tracking
Live tracking by satellite Spot, Delorme inReach SE, Explorer, YBTracking YB3
Measuring the wind
Air speed probes: true speed
Instruments: the new generation
Gyro-vario: new sensors and algorithms AHRS

XC-Tracer, Flytec Sensbox & Connect & Element, Compass C-Pilot Evo & Easy Pilot & XC-Pilot, Skytraxx 2.0 & 3.0, ASI Flynet XC1, Syride SysNav V3, Flymaster Live SD, Naviter Oudie 3+ & 4, Reversale VGP, Ascent H1 update, Digifly, GPSBip, Skybean Skydrop, Fly Electonics Motor Monitor